Partner of Promotion, 28.09.2012

Campaign "Poznaj Atom" rewarded!

The "Explore the atom. Let's talk about Poland with energy" campaign was recognized as the best PR campaign in the public sector. The campaign launched in April 2012, aims to increase the knowledge of Poles on nuclear power and to outline the benefits of building a nuclear power plant. Thanks to the use of modern, integrated communication tools, the campaign has gathered the public around a socially important debate- on the country's energy future. The heart of the project, embracing all the activities is the website.

The campaign earned special recognition in an annual competition organized by the Brief, Marketing and Sales Magazine. The competition is known for rewarding both the best projects and people that have contributed to the development of the marketing, advertisement and PR industry. On behalf of the Ministry of Economy, which contracted the campaign, the award was collected by Hanna Trojanowska the Government Plenipotentiary for the Polish Nuclear Energy. The campaign is carried out by a consortium composed of Partner of Promotion (the leader), Migut Media and Maxus-Warsaw and will last until May 2nd 2014.