Partner of Promotion, 07.01.2013

2 projects by Partner of Promotion among top 50 communication campaigns in the world.

Partner of Promotion received two silver statuettes in Magellan Awards 2012 - a renowned international competition. The jury appreciated "Big Beautiful Woman - Success in XXL Size" and "Explore the atom. Let`s talk about Poland with energy" projects. Both of them are among Top 50 Communication Campaigns of 2012 in the world.

The "Big Beautiful Woman - Success in XXL" campaign was created for the Association of Social Development and Opportunities Compensation "Socrates." The goal of the project was to show that, contrary to stereotypes, plus-size women can be beautiful, ambitious, full of passion and dreams. It was the first national initiative showing that female beauty does not depend on size.

"Explore the atom. Let`s talk about Poland with energy" is a campaign which aims to increase awareness of Polish citizens about the future of energy in our country and raise their involvement in the discussion on nuclear energy. The project is being implemented by a consortium led by Partner of Promotion on behalf of the Ministry of Economy.

Magellan Awards is a competition organized by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) - an organization that gathers experts within the area of communication. Best campaigns are chosen by a committee of professionals from the communications industry.

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