Partner of Promotion, 04.04.2013

FROB selected Partner of Promotion

Partner of Promotion has established cooperation with FROB, the Foundation for Development of Non-Cash Payments, and thereby enlarged the portfolio of clients for whom it manages social media activities.

Under the contract, the Agency will provide strategic ePR advisory services to the management of the Foundation. The goal of the activities is to promote non-cash-payments and to lead a fair dialogue on the reduction of the interchange fee - the main part of the fee which owners of stores or other service providers pay while accepting card payments.

The contract is for indefinite duration. The agency has been selected through a tendering process.

FROB was established in 2011. It is the first organization in Poland representing mainly small and medium enterprises which works on the establishment and functioning of a sustainable non-cash payments market. The main goal is to reduce the interchange fee which in Poland is twice as high as the European average. The Foundation conducts activities in the spheres of information and education.